Jihadi Culture is a book about the things jihadis do when they are not fighting. Radical Islamists spend remarkable amounts of time on soft activities such as poetry, music, dream interpretation, and even communal weeping. While these practices may seem inconsequential, they are probably key to understanding the attraction and resilience of the jihadi movement. In this book, a team of leading academic specialists offers the first systematic exploration of the socio-cultural dimension of jihadism. Using a wealth of rare primary sources, they unveil a rich and occasionally surprising cultural universe that should intrigue anyone curious about the jihadi phenomenon.

Table of contents:

  1. What is jihadi culture and why should we study it? — Thomas Hegghammer
  2. Poetry in jihadi culture Robyn Creswell and Bernard Haykel
  3. A cappella songs (anashid) in jihadi culture — Nelly Lahoud
  4. A musicological perspective on jihadi anashid — Jonathan Pieslak
  5. The visual culture of jihad — Afshon Ostovar
  6. A history of jihadi cinematography — Anne Stenersen
  7. The Islamic dream tradition and jihadi militancy — Iain Edgar and Gwynned de Looijer
  8. Contemporary martyrdom: ideology and material culture — David Cook
  9. Non-military practices in jihadi groups — Thomas Hegghammer

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